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    Welcome to Shenzhen Xinghui Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Precision Non-standard Components

    Free customization    blooming exclusive value



    Hot Keywords: CNC Machining    Turning    Welding Parts    Die Accessories    Mechanical Parts   


    Free customization
    Blooming exclusive value

    Tel: 0755-85281001

    Xinghui Machinery for YouOEM

    One-to-one tailor-made on demand

    Strong R&D and production strength

    Professional R&D and design team, more than fifteen years of experience in the plastic industry to provide solutions for all kinds of high-end, complex, difficult products. Garden-style independent plant, dust-free production plant, with a number of fully automatic high-speed production equipment, can save more than 30% of raw materials, for difficult and complex high-coefficient products for production.

    Multiple Quality Certification System Guarantees Quality

    EOS detection system is adopted, and micrometer measurement, vernier measurement, laser dust, particle calculator and other measuring tools are used in the production process. Guarantee the accuracy of each product. Strict production in accordance with ISO 9001 international quality system. From the production design, incoming material inspection, product first inspection, spot inspection, shipment inspection and other links. Guarantee customer's product quality requirements.

    Tailor-made products with complete materials and moulds

    Plastic-absorbing tray materials include PVC, PET, PS, PP, PET-G, PVC flocking, PS flocking and conductive, antistatic, etc. Adequate inventory to meet the needs of different customers, can quickly affect the new business of the new industry, new products on the demand for plastic packaging.

    Perfect after-sales service system, global strategic cooperation

    Have a professional customer service team, regular telephone calls back to customers, and set up a complaint hotline for the general manager to solve your worries in all directions. Xinghui Machinery Products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, with more than 600 partners. They are widely used in IT, electronics, medical and health, food, precision instruments, cosmetics, toys and other industries.

    Shenzhen Xinghui Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Shenzhen Xinghui Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Shenzhen Xinghui Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of AI/SML precision original factory imitation parts, precision hardware parts, fixtures, fixtures, fixtures, non-standard parts design and manufacturing company.
    With the tenet of "technology for development, quality for survival", guided by the concept of "innovation, development, pragmatism and struggle" and the perfect management system, the company has won customers and markets by introducing TW's advanced forging technology, manufacturing process and strict quality control system (ISO 9001:2008 quality management system). Implementing the principle of customer first, implementing sincere cooperation, advocating the strategy of reciprocity and mutual benefit, and constantly optimizing.



    根據不同材料工件和產品的要求,機械加工的形式也有差異。車、鉗、洗、刨、磨是我們經常聽到的機械加工方法。而且隨著機械技術的發展,在機械加工中,也出現了電鍍、線切割、鑄造、鍛造、粉料等工藝。 今日為......



     機械零部件加工技術要求概述。   一、機械零部件加工的概要處理:   1.未規定的形狀公差應符合GB1184-80的要求。   2.未指定長度尺寸的允許偏差為0.5毫米。   3.圓角半徑R5未注明。...

    • 如何提高非標精密機械零部件加工的效率?...

      大型機械加工廠的非標精密機械零部件加工生產過程中,雖然有很多小技巧不顯眼,但如果你能了解和掌握這些小技巧,你會事半功倍!下面介紹一些非標精密機械零件加工中常用的小技巧,讓大家一起了解一下: 1.非......

    • 淺談五金沖壓模具的選材注意事項...

      五金沖壓模具選材是整個五金沖壓模具制造過程中非常重要的一個環節。 五金沖壓模具選材需求滿意三個準則,五金沖壓模具滿意耐磨性、強耐性等作業需求,五金沖壓模具滿意工藝要求,一起五金沖壓模具應滿意經濟適......

    • 慢走絲線切割加工中如何選用銅絲...


    • 慢走絲加工工藝及技術要點...

      1 導言 慢走絲線切開機床應用廣泛而又重要,在塑料模、精細多工位級進模的生產加工進程中,能確保得到良好的尺度精度,直接影響模具的裝配精度、零件的精度以及模具的運用壽命等。因為加工工件精度要求高,因......

    • 慢走絲線切割的控制技術...

      2:加工操控技能─在轉角及圓弧加工操控具有加工參數自動調整功用,將銅線在轉角及圓弧區域時的過切崩角量減至最小,得到轉角及圓弧的最佳精度。 ...

    • 慢走絲切割時張力如何控制...